Falkirk Steeple Guided Tours

See inside Falkirk Steeple with its free guided tours this summer.

The Falkirk area is steeped in history, with many attractions connected to The Romans, William Wallace and Mary, Queen of Scots. One of Falkirk's most historic attractions has opened its doors to the public and is offering guided tours this summer. 


Falkirk Steeple


For over 300 years, Falkirk has had a town steeple dominating the skyline. It has had many uses across the years from holding meetings, acting as the local jail and communicating the time to the town. The current, and third, steeple was built in 1812 by famous Glasgow architect David Hamilton. The Steeple has been part of Falkirk town life and community identity for generations, overlooking countless market days and Hogmanay celebrations.


Falkirk Steeple Brian Vass

Falkirk Steeple, Vass Media 


The Falkirk Steeple Heritage Centre is staffed by volunteers from the Falkirk Local History Society who provide visitors with guided tours of the building including the prison cells.


Take a tour of the steeple


The Falkirk Steeple Heritage Centre offers visitors an opportunity to visit the cells and learn about Falkirks early history as well as the story of the two town steeples.  The inaccessible areas like the clock room and the bell tower will be the subject of a “virtual visit”  using modern audio visual equipment on the ground floor and there will always be experienced guides on hand to explain the history of the building.


A series of interpretative panels tell the story of Falkirk since the middle ages. Don't miss this opportunity to see first hand the original Steeple bell which is older even than the famous Liberty Bell, and learn about some of the amazing characters who have visited the Steeple over the years. With the exception of the ground floor display, the majority of the building is accessible only via a narrow spiral staircase.


The centre’s guides can additionally provide general information about heritage and cultural events and other exhibitions, displays and activities in Falkirk district. From time to time the Falkirk Steeple Heritage Centre hosts special events relating to the history of the town.


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Entry and guided tours are free but booking is recommended as only 12 people can be accommodated on each tour.


Falkirk Steeple jail

 Falkirk Steeple Jail Cell


Other historic Falkirk attractions


Falkirk has many other historic attractions that make a fantastic day out, including:



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The Falkirk area is steeped in history, why not come and find out more?

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