Antonine Wall

The biggest, most awe-inspiring building project the people of Scotland had ever seen, the Antonine Wall stretched right across the country, from Clyde to Forth. Built by the Romans around AD142, as the north west frontier of their Empire, the wall is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Some of the best sections of the visible Antonine Wall Ditch and Rampart within the Falkirk area are detailed below:

  • Rough Castle, Bonnybridge -  for online directions use FK4 2AA
  • Tamfourhill - for online directions use FK1 4RE
  • Callendar Park - for online directions use FK1 1YR
  • Kinneil Estate - for online directions use  EH51 0PR
  • Bridgeness  - for online directions use EH51 9LA

By far the biggest engineering project ever undertaken in the area, the Antonine Wall snaked right across the country for 37 miles from the River Clyde to the River Forth.  It took no notice of earlier native settlements, and cut through pre-existing tribal boundaries.

Unlike its stone-built southern neighbour, Hadrian’s Wall, the rampart of the Antonine Wall was constructed mostly out of layers of turf and reached a height of 3 m. Not just a wall, the defences also included a huge ditch, nearly 5 m deep in places, which ran to the north of the Wall and an outer mound constructed from the earth thrown out of the ditch. Seventeen forts plus additional ‘fortlets’ accommodated the 6,000-7,000 men stationed along the Wall. The military way, a service road built to the south of the Wall was another important element, enabling troops to move swiftly along its course, bearing supplies, commands and news.

Although the Antonine Wall was not built of stone, its impact on the landscape was immense.  Substantial lengths of the Antonine Wall can still be seen at various sites across the Falkirk area including: Rough Castle (one of the best preserved Roman forts), Polmont Wood, Kinneil Fortlet in Kinneil Estate, Callendar Park, Tamfourhill in Camelon and Seabegs Wood.

Walk the wall - roam like the Romans - or just enjoy a few hours out. All walks are short and easy going and suitable for families with young children, elderly or less able walkers.

Interested in walking the wall ? Simply download Falkirk Council's guide to walking the Antonine Wall and choose a walkthat suits your own needs and abilities.



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