The Faw Kirk Historic Graveyard

The graveyard at Falkirk Trinity Church, known as the Faw Kirk, contains important historical memorials from the era of William Wallace, the Battle of Falkirk 1298 and the second Battle of Falkirk in 1746.

Faw Kirk was the first church erected in the town of Falkirk which is believed to have given rise to the town’s name.

Falkirk Trinity Church stands today on the site of the historic Faw Kirk, which was probably the first Christian structure in town. Along with the tombs and monuments in the churchyard and surrounding area, the site is becoming a popular place to visit with both international tourists and locals alike as the burial ground is a resting place of William Wallace’s finest knight, Sir John de Graeme, whose body is said to have been carried from the battlefield and laid to rest in the kirkyard by William Wallace himself.