New five-year tourism strategy gets the green light

A new Falkirk Area Tourism Strategy, a comprehensive plan aimed at stimulating the local economy, increasing visitor numbers and promoting sustainable tourism across the area, was approved at last week's Executive meeting.


The five-year plan which aligns to the Council Plan 2022/27 aims to position Falkirk as a thriving tourist destination by capitalising on its unique attractions and creating a memorable experience for its visitors.


It builds on the previous approach approved in 2015 taking into account successes, and the subsequent impact of Covid-19 to chart a way forward. It draws upon a robust evidence base, the views of partners, stakeholders and businesses, and the response to the current economic challenges encapsulated in local regional and national strategies.


Council Leader, Cecil Meiklejohn, spokesperson for Tourism said:

"This strategy underscores our commitment to creating and supporting a thriving economy by harnessing the potential of tourism to drive sustainable growth across the area. We recognise the importance of sustainable tourism and we will promote the need for responsible practices in addressing and meeting local climate change targets. By developing and enhancing existing and new tourist attractions, we can also create more reasons for visitors to stay longer and enjoy everything the area has to offer."


Falkirk Wheel boat tour 2

 The Falkirk Wheel


The strategy focuses on four key priority areas:

  • Building up the attractions: Develop existing, new and planned attractions
  • Amplifying destination branding: Refreshed destination branding to highlight the area’s unique offering to appeal to a wider audience
  • Enabling success: Support accommodation sector to encourage overnight stays and increase spend
  • Delivering through partnership: Engage with partners locally, regionally and nationally  


Key indicators including visitor expenditure, direct employment and overnight stays will be monitored to measure the strategic economic impact and track progress towards achieving the goal of increasing visitor expenditure by 20% over the next five years.


Over the past decade, Falkirk’s tourism sector has experienced significant growth, supported by world class attractions including the Kelpies and the Falkirk Wheel. The new strategy builds on this success and aims to further boost Falkirk’s position as an attractive destination to visit, work and live.


Read the report here

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