The Dunmore Pineapple

An elaborate and eccentric summer house built in the shape of a pineapple in the 18th century by Lord Dunmore. The Pineapple presides over an immense walled garden open to visitors, while at the back is a private garden for those staying, with steps leading into the elegant room inside The Pineapple itself.  

Built for the 4th Earl of Dunmore, classical and orthodox at ground level, conventional architraves put out shoots and end as prickly leaves of stone. It is an eccentric work, of undoubted genius, built of the very finest masonry.

It probably began as a pavilion of one storey, dated 1761, and only grew its fruity dome after 1777, when Lord Dunmore was brought back, forcibly, from serving as Governor of Virginia. There, sailors would put a pineapple on the gatepost to announce their return home. Lord Dunmore, who was fond of a joke, announced his return more prominently.

The Pineapple presides over an immense walled garden where you are welcome to take a walk through the orchard of crab-apple trees or enjoy a peaceful stroll around the pond and through the surrounding woodland. 

The Pineapple and its surroundings are owned by the National Trust for Scotland; the Landmark Trust took a long lease in 1973 and restored all the buildings and the walled garden, which is now open to the public through the NTS. At the back, where the ground level is higher, is a private garden for visitors, with steps leading into the elegant room inside the Pineapple itself.

There is an all-ability path which leads from the car park to a pond viewing platform, where, if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the rare great crested newt.

 dog friendly

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