Falkirk Town Heritage Trail

Discover Falkirk town centres history by following the Heritage Trail which links 25 sites of interest near the town centre. Each has a plaque with details of the location and its historical importance.

While the plaques are not numbered and can be visited in any order, the Falkirk Town Heritage Trail guide suggests two short tours each starting at the historic Steeple

There are also many interesting buildings on the routes which do not have plaques and visitors are recommended to look out for the many architectural gems which grace the town streets and wynds.

Tours developed as part of Falkirk Town Heritage Initiative - find out more here.

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Tour Number One

The first walk takes in 20 sites towards the west side of the town centre, and is slightly shorter in distance than the second walk.


This tour covers sights including The Old Burgh Buildings, the old Barrs Irn Bru site, as well as Falkirk Old Parish Church and Graveyard.




Tour Number Two


The second town heritage tour takes in 11 sites on the east side of the town centre, and is slightly longer in distance than the first.  It takes in sites including The site of the Falkirk Roman fort, The Tattie Kirk and the Falkirk Tartan.



You can pick up a copy of the guide from the Steeple, or see it online here. 

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