School of Witchcraft & Potions


Located at The Lonely Broomstick shop, School of Witchcraft & Potions is an immersive Wizarding World experience in the heart of Scotland (Where it all began!). Enter into a world like you've never seen before. Meet our Potion Master and be immersed into the creation of potions, wand movements, spells & so much more!


Being the first of its kind in the UK, and possibly the world, School of Witchcraft & Potions is designed for even the biggest fans of the Wizarding World. Realistic and antique props, moving pictures, magical sounds & cauldrons. THIS is as good as it gets.


Booking in advanced is mandatory.


Once there, take time to explore The Lonely Broomstick shop and in-house café, where you can find some of the most magical products including officially licensed Harry Potter & Wizarding World merchandise.