RAF Grangemouth Trail

Length: 3.3miles

Route type: Loop

Difficulty: Low

Grangemouth played an important role in the training of spitfire pilots during the Second World War. This 5.3km trail highlights the local heritage sites related to the Grangemouth RAF base which opened on the site of The Central Scotland Airfield shortly after the outbreak of World War II. The base was initially focussed on defensive duties to protect industry such as Carron iron works and became a training centre for pilots learning to fly the Spitfire.

Hire your E-bike at the Forth Bike station at Zetland Park in Grangemouth. Ride through the park and onto Bowhouse Road. Follow the road until you reach the church, the Kirk of the Holy Rood. There, turn left and then right to join the path along to Grangemouth Sports Stadium. Cycle past with the stadium on your right-hand side and reach the edge of Inchyra Park. Turn right and cycle behind the stadium, before turning left onto Inchyra Road. You will now cycle along what was once one of two runways at RAF Grangemouth. At the end of Inchyra Road, turn left at the roundabout. 

Go straight ahead until you see the Spitfire memorial on your left. It’s a full size Supermarine Spitfire Mark 1 and is a memorial to over 80 air and ground crew who lost their lives while serving at Grangemouth during the war. Turn left here and follow a short loop which takes you past old hanger buildings and the airport entrance which now form part of the industrial estate there. Once back at the Spitfire memorial, take a left turn back onto the main road and continue until you cross the small stream. Take a left turn at the stream to return to Zetland Park and to return your E-bike.


Map location: FK3 9JD

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