Callendar House Trail

Length: 5.5miles

Route type: Loop

Difficulty: Low

Callendar House is a stunning French chateau-styled country house set in its own parklands near Falkirk Town Centre. With parts of the house dating back over 600 years, famous visitors during its long history include Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Victoria amongst many others. 

Take an 8.8 km cycle around its gardens and ancient woodlands, which include remnants of the Roman Antonine Wall. Rent an E-bike at the Forth Bike station located in the park to follow the Callendar House Trail. You’ll see the Memorial Cairn to the 1298 Battle of Falkirk on the hill on your left. Cycle towards Callendar House but turning right before you reach it and make your way up the hill into woodland. Turn left and follow the path round the woodlands until you come to the Forbes Mausoleum. From there, continue along the trail until you are almost at the opposite edge of the park. Turn right to leave the park and join Kemper Avenue. Here, turn right again to head back to Callendar Park. You’ll re-enter the park on the right-hand side of the road and cycle back towards Callendar House. 

When you reach the house, turn left onto a track that runs in front of the house around an area of grass. Spot the remnants of the Roman Antonine Wall as you reach Callendar Road and turn right to ride past the local school. At the roundabout, turn right into Callendar Business Park and back into Callendar Park. Turn right to cycle past the boating lake and the front of Callendar House before returning your E-bike at the Forth Bike station.


Map location: FK1 1YR

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