Mermaid Swimming Lessons: Introduction, progression and adults

This event runs fourweekly from to

Time: 10:00

Place: Bo'ness Recreation Centre

Introduction Experience Join us for a magical 1 hour long experience in the pool as we visit Merkingdom. ​Our experiences take place will take place in a swimming pool with a qualified Mermaid Instructor. During the session mermaids will learn the safety mermaid skills, the basic mermaid movements, partake in mermaid games and challenges and take a few photos or videos to help capture the memory. All equipment including monofins and tails are provided by Mermaids Scotland Participants must be able to pass our swim test available on our safety page which includes a 25 metre swim. Progression Lessons These classes are suitable for those who have completed their first mermaid experience and already know the safety skills taught in that class. Each lesson will be tailored to the individuals that are booked and the skills/modules they are working on. We have 3 stage levels each with 12 modules: Entry and Exits Obstacles Tricks Underwater Swims Partner Work Group Routines Trident Throwing Ribbon Work Poses Rotation Speed Swim Little mermaid recreation When mermaids achieve all the modules in a stage they will be presented with a medal to celebrate their achievement. Adults Why should kids get to have all the fun? All types of swimming are exercise that burns calories but there’s a few specific benefits to Mermaid swimming adults should be made aware of. Mermaid swimming is a brilliant core muscle work out. The kick also helps tone your calves and buttocks. It's great fun as the mono fin helps you swim fast. You'll also meet like minded people. You'll be taught the same curriculum as our children's classes. Initially you'll be taught the safety skills and basic moves and tricks. You'll then start the first of our 3 stage levels each with 12 modules

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