Reasons to visit Blackness Castle

From getting behind the scenes of Outlaw King and Mary Queen of Scots, read on for 4 reasons to explore Blackness Castle, known as the ‘ship that never sailed.’ 

1. Get behind the scenes of ‘Outlaw King’

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Have you watched and enjoyed the Netlfix original ‘Outlaw King’? Many Historic Scotland sites not only tell the real stories of Robert the Bruce, but also starred as filming locations in the film. Blackness Castle becomes Yorkshire Castle in Outlaw King, where Bruce’s wife Elizabeth is imprisoned. Come along and see if you can spot the places in the castle that feature on screen.

Find out more, and discover our Robert the Bruce trail here.


2. Try out our Explorer Backpacks


Blackness Castle children


We love seeing young imaginations come to life when visitors explore Blackness. Come along and borrow one of our Explorer Backpacks to enjoy while you adventure around the castle. See what stories you can create using our puppets, instruments and torches.


3. Follow in the footsteps of ‘Mary Queen of Scots’


Mary Queen of Scots

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Blackness Castle was also a filming location for the Oscar and BAFTA nominated film Mary Queen of Scots, starring Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie. Visit and get the behind the scenes of the big screen.

Interested in Mary’s real story? Take a look at our trail online, where you can discover the Historic Scotland sites that tell the real tales of the infamous monarch.


4. Explore all week!

 Blackness Castle Family


Blackness Castle is now open all week so you can explore every day! Previously the castle was closed on Thursdays and Fridays through the winter months, so we are delighted to now be welcoming visitors every day.

For more information on opening times and admission prices:


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