Legion - from Roughcastle Experiences

A woodland journey taking you back in time and bringing Rough Castle Community Woodland back to life using state of the art sound and light technologies, live action and lots of imagination!



Over the Antonine Wall into the woods you will go – you and your Legion, in search of a mystical tribe, The Picts.

Search the Woods. Find the Picts. See the Magic.

The new attraction, operated by Rough Castle Experiences, will see Rough Castle Community Woodlands come alive as part of ‘LEGION’ – a Roman themed experience which runs alongside UNESCO World Heritage site, the Antonine Wall. The event will encompass the rich history of the area and showcase new sound and light technologies teamed with an art installation, actors and aerial acrobats.

The event will run from the 7th November – 16th December Wednesday – Sunday 17:00 – 21:00 and is located at Rough Castle Community Woodland which is accessed via The Falkirk Wheel.

You should expect to be in the Woodland for around 90 minutes to fully appreciate the show.The shows will start in 10-minute intervals. The full range of times are available on the website below. 

(The site must be vacated by 10.30pm.)

 Tickets and more info is available from Rough Castle Experiences website www.RoughCastleExperiences.co.uk

Who are Rough Castle Experiences?

We are a group of innovative, creative and entrepreneurial people who all share a common bond; a love of the great outdoors and a passion for our local community. We’re going to use the land at Rough Castle itself to present a variety of attractions that will bring back life into this ancient woodland.

We are part of a community and use local suppliers, businesses and employees to support the local economy and bring communities together.




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